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Salt Lake County Voter Information

Rachelle Morris is a Republican candidate for Salt Lake County Council, At-Large C

At-large means she will represent all of Salt Lake County and will appear on the ballot of all voters in the entire county.

How does the Salt Lake County Government work?

Salt Lake County has a Mayor-Council form of government. The County Council is the legislative body responsible for enacting County ordinances and regulations, adopting the annual budget, and authorizing many intergovernmental agreements among other duties.

The Council consists of nine members; three “At-Large” members who are elected to represent the entire county for six-year terms, and six “District” members who are elected to represent geographical districts within Salt Lake County for four-year terms. (source:

Current County Mayor: Jenny Wilson (Democrat)

Current County Council:

  1. At-Large A: Laurie Stringham (Republican)
  2. At-Large B: Suzanne Harrison (Democrat)
  3. At-Large C: Jim Bradley (Democrat) – Jim is retiring and this is the seat Rachelle Morris is running for.
  4. District 1: Arlyn Bradshaw (Democrat)
  5. District 2: David Alvord (Republican)
  6. District 3: Aimee Winder Newton (Republican)
  7. District 4: Ann Granato (Democrat)
  8. District 5: Sheldon Stewart (Republican)
  9. District 6: Dea Theodore (Republican)

Important Election Dates:

March 5, 2024: Caucus Night – Gather with your precinct to elect delegates to represent you at the county and state conventions. Salt Lake County Council nominees are chosen by county delegates. Become a county delegate for Rachelle >>>

April 13, 2024: Salt Lake County Republican Convention – County delegates meet to choose candidates to send to primary ballot.


June 4, 2024: By-mail ballots are mailed to voters

June 11-21, 2024: Early in-person voting (locations)

June 14, 2024: Last day to register to vote for primary election

June 24, 2024: By-mail ballot postmark deadline

June 25, 2024: Primary Election

November 5, 2024: General Election

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