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Meet Rachelle

  • 2nd of 7 children
  • Lifelong Republican
  • Graduate of Brigham Young University (Information Systems)
  • Worked in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan
  • Co-founder and partner at Utah venture fund
  • Active volunteer in community (civic, charitable, and religious)

Rachelle Morris is a lifelong Republican and descendant of Utah pioneers, deeply rooted in the community fabric of Salt Lake County. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur and investor is a testament to her resilience and dedication.

As the second of seven children, Rachelle’s early years were marked by determination and hard work. Rachelle embarked on an entrepreneurial path at a young age, selling gum and snacks from her backpack to help pay for her school lunch. By the age of 18, she was financially independent and became the first woman on her mom’s side to finish college, graduating with a degree in Information Systems from Brigham Young University.

Rachelle Morris, candidate for SL County Council, speaking on stage with microphone in hand
Rachelle Morris, Republican for SL Co Council, seated at table speaking to another woman

With a keen eye honed by a career of managing capital, Rachelle understands the significance of responsible financial stewardship. Her investment background, particularly in the tech sector, has nurtured her appetite for innovation, positioning her as a bridge between modern ideas and practical implementation. Her unique insight will help streamline government operations and save money.

Salt Lake County Council is a part-time role, so it’s crucial to have conservative members who understand how to dig deep on budgets and find and eliminate waste. Salt Lake County residents benefit when there is balance between the Council and the Mayor’s office, which together oversee a $1.9 Billion annual budget. Rachelle’s background and skillset will be an enormous asset to Salt Lake County residents. 

Rachelle Morris’s candidacy is driven by her love for Salt Lake County and her desire to keep this a great place to live for generations to come. Her unique blend of conservative principles and financial expertise will be an asset for the hardworking taxpayers of this community.

Rachelle Morris speaking to voters at Salt Lake County Republican Part event
Rachelle Morris with her family and Congressman Burgess Owens at Salt Lake County Republican Convention in 2024